It's Time to Consider Jesus


By T. H.

“You also must be ready because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” —Jesus speaking in Luke 12:40 (NIV)

 It’s time to consider Jesus.  You have lived to see this day so that can make the most important decision of the rest of your life—to ask Jesus to live in you as your Savior and Lord.  It’s so critical that you know Him.  That’s not just in light of the world you live in, but because without Him you will  always  have  a  void  in  your  heart.  He, likewise, will have a void where you belong.

Confessing  Jesus  Christ  as  your  Lord  and accepting Him as your Savior is not something to ignore.   If you will just give all of your fears, problems, hurts, diseases, and most importantly your love to Jesus, and let Him love you back, you will make a life change you will  never regret.  He loves you so much!  It really is time to consider Jesus.

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If You Tell Me About Jesus I'll Listen


By T. H.

If you do not know Jesus As Savior and Lord: 
God knows your name. And He is concerned about you because He loves you more than anyone  ever has, or ever could love you. For this reason, He sent His own Son, Jesus, Whom He loves, to die for you; paying an unmatchable ransom for your life because you were absolutely worth it to Him. And He lives for you today.
He  has awaited  your  return  as these  days  draw closer to  an end  on this  earth. But  you have to make the ultimate choice to come back to Him by accepting Jesus' free gift of eternal life. Today is your day to become a new person in Christ Jesus, wipe the  slate clean from  all your past, and come on home. In fact, you can do that now by turning to page 108. Today is your day!

If you know Jesus as Savior and Lord:
Give this book to an unsaved person today and begin to reap God's Harvest. Many issues are addressed and questions answered about salvation in this book.


1. What's the Big Deal?

2. You Choose Where You Go After This Life

3.What About People Who Have Already Left Me?

4. The Door is Still Open Come in Before it Closes

5. Why Some People Resist the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Let's Be Honest)

6. Please Allow Us to Speak to You About Jesus

7. It's Your Decision: What's it Going to Be? Receive Jesus as Savior and Lord of Your Life

8. Now That You Belong to Jesus Christ

​9. Some Things to Know About The Father, the Son and The Holy Ghost

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T. H.

Can You Faith That?


By T. H.

If you're going to make a difference in today's world you've got to gear up, and learn to live by faith. It's not just something we say. it's something we do. It's a lifestyle.

Can You Faith That? stirs up your heart again to follow after those God-given desires you've put aside  for some time. You'll  get  excited about walking by faith, and  expecting your dreams of success. Besides, The Body of Christ needs your supply in these last days.

This book is a great resource to keep handy as you continue your journey of faith. Without faith it's impossible to please God, and we want to help you  bring your  faith  life into perspective. You are a  power house for God so let's get in faith and get His work accomplished in the earth!

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