Social Media: Protecting Your Identity
In Christ (The Family Unit-Vol. 2)


M. Terry

This book peers into how The Body of Christ is responding to, and surviving within the social media world.   It brings to the forefront some of the issues we clearly have to deal with where parent-child relationships are concerned.

It also invites you inside of a familiar realm within marital relationships where social media has unearthed some best-kept secrets, behaviors, and attitudes.  You may discover that you’ve already experienced this place.

Social media and Internet engagement has created a whole other means to test the strength and morality of the family unit in ways we never saw coming.  And it’s only becoming more zealous to win us over.

While we can use it to our benefit and enjoy it we must also face the fact that life is simply more congested in light of its existence. How we adapt to the challenges it continually creates will determine if we stay together as an identifiable Christian family unit that communicates or go our own separate online ways

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ISBN: 9780990857266 

Paperback Page Count: 68

Price: $9.95

M. Terry

Read It & Reap!


By M. Terry

Read It & Reap! takes a look at realistic perspectives within the Body of Christ in relation to the current state of the world and our role within it. It unreservedly brings to the forefront the purpose of our mission in these end times.

Inside is a wake-up call for God's people to consider what's befofe us in these last days as well as direction for accomplishing our mission. No more sitting on the sidelines being comforted  by our technology while witnessing lives being lost for eternity, and doing nothing. Enough living in self-pity about our problems (we too often create) that pull us out of the race toward our God-given victories.  It's time for us individually and corporately to use our resources and efforts for the Gospel more than for personal gratification. It's time we become ready-reapers of a ripe harvest.

Book Description: Trade size

ISBN: 9780997853612

Paperback Page Count: 56

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