As a widow, the Father has made special provision for you in His Word, messages for you of His love and compassion, restoration in sorrow, and hope for the days ahead. He knows when your heart is hurting and will bring healing in a way that only the Father God can. As you face a new life, let His power strengthen you for the future.

​Lynda Robinson, minister and widow, will open the Scriptures to you God has designed for widows and their children. Her study of the Bible and understanding of God’s heart for widows will not only surprise you, but open your own heart to receive His purposes in your life. Lynda reveals Scripture promises for widows including companionship, blessings, favor, peace and sleep, protection, and healing.

You’ll find the Father has divine appointments, restoration, blessings for your children, and miracle provision for you through His Word.

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Lynda Robinson

Widows: Women of Courage
A Biblical Look at Widows From God's Perspective


By Lynda Robinson