One Sin One Solution

    Part of the You're Never Going Back Series

By Frank M. Bafford Sr.

There's only One Sin that will keep the world out of heaven and One Solution to that sin. In this book Pastor Frank Bafford, in a simple clear and scriptural manner exposes this One Sin and the One Solution to this sin. .

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 Frank Bafford Sr.

You're Never Going Back!

                             How to Leave Prison A New Person and Never Return

By Frank M. Bafford Sr.

Prison can be a lonely place. It can be a proving place as well. The time a person spends incarcerated can be a time of reflection and repentance or a time of bitterness and blame. Like Joseph of the Bible, a person's character will be defined (or redefined) by how he lives in captivity and how he leaves the place of his captivity. The way a person conducts himself in prison will determine the measure of his success when he is released.

Chapter titles include:

     * A Change of Heart and Mind

     * The Blessing of Being Tired

     * It's Time for Building

     * Are You a Victim or a Victor?

     * How to Stop the Bloom-Stoppers—Stay Away From the Weeds!

     * Apologies and Thanks

     * Pigs Will Be Pigs

     * Pigs Will Be Pigs

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